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All Make One

AMO Creative Limited, your all-in-one-go marketing house, we do things differently and practically. From event management, public relations, photography & video production, digital marketing to creative concept development, we offer one-stop integrated marketing solutions for you. From there, we handle the rest.

Mobilized Solutions

Innovative marketing is a dynamic process, from idea to practice, we bring your story closer to audiences.

On The Ground

"AMO”, representing legs in Māori (The Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand). We strengthen and support your core value. We transform your brand story into a down-to-earth tone by unifying online and offline marketing strategies. 

Latest News

Latest News



2022年4月7日週四 下午12:32·1 分鐘文章

<匯港通訊> 富融銀行(Fusion Bank)為支持政府新一輪消費券,推出連串消費及開戶優惠,包括使用消費券享「消費筆筆賞」WeFun回贈。

另外,富融銀行推出「富融 x大家樂:大家有賞樂融融」開戶及消費賞 。客戶即日起至4月30日,使用富融銀行邀請碼「CDC2022」成功開立戶口,並使用WeChat Pay HK消費,最高可獲450元。另外,使用富融銀行邀請碼「CDC2022」成功開立富融銀行帳戶,即可獲得150元大家樂電子優惠券,於全綫門市午市/晚市套餐使用即享優惠。

此外,富融銀行及阿默創意有限公司合辦推出「富融餸好禮 抗疫您有計」活動。客戶即日起至 2022 年5 月15日開戶送價值200元福袋。(EC)


Fusion Bank x AMO x Hong Kong Market
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